26th Sep 2022

Frankart 1928 Lamp Table Lamp Art Deco Lamp Green Nymph

Frankart Lamp Table Lamp Art Deco Lamp Green Nymph. Collectible and functional art from Frankart, Inc. New York, NY 1928. Patinated metal lamp in Roman Green finish, nude female silhouette...

05th Aug 2022

Frankart Art Deco Sarsaparilla Nymph Frosted Fan Shade Lamp x2

Set of Frankart Art Deco Sarsaparilla Nymph Frosted Fan Shade Lamps. Vintage Set of Frankart Art Deco Sarsaparilla Nymph Silhouette Bronze finished metal desk lamps. These are Frankart art deco...

22nd Jul 2022

Frankart style flapper nymph art deco green lamp with glass shade and wired USA

Petie finds a great looking Flapper Lamp that its wired complete. A Flapper lamp that has a very strong Art Deco Design. The shade is carved glass with striking Deco...

01st Jun 2022

Frankart Style Flapper Nude Nymph Brass Lamp Art Deco Opalesque Shade 9 Wired

Frankart Style Flapper Nude Nymph Brass Lamp Art Deco Opalesque Shade 9 Wired. Wired dimmer switch for easy on/off function. See photos to determine condition. This item is in the...

19th Feb 2022

Frankart butterfly nymph in black art deco table lamp metal and glass USA made

Petie finds a rare one! FRANKART ART DECO TABLE LAMP. In the Frankart Black finish. This lamp comes with a fabulous pair of Art Deco design carved glass shades. A...

13th Jan 2022

Set of 3 Frankart Style 20’s Nude Nymph Art Deco black 9 lamp bases USA

Produced these castings for a dear old customer but unfortunately. As we have 12 castings in stock. The metal is freshly cast and finished in a Baked on High gloss...

02nd Nov 2021

Vintage Art Deco Nude Nymph Lamp

Beautiful art deco nude nymph lamp with marble base and unusually shaped glass globe, measures 19 x 7.5 and weighs 6-1/2 lb. The lamp is unbranded. There is a tiny...

10th Oct 2021

Frankart Art Deco Fish Face Nymph Lady Table Lamp Cobalt Waterfall Shade

Water Nymph / Fish face Lady. Very beautiful Frankart Art Deco “Water Nymph” / “Fish Face” table lamp. This vintage smelter lamp has a nice brass finish; comes with new...

26th Aug 2021

Rare Frankart Nuart or Art Deco Lady in the Waves Nude Nymph Lamp As Found

Just out of a local smoke free house is this unusual Art Deco Lamp. It depicts a nude nymph sitting at the edge of breaking waves below her. There is...

15th Aug 2021

Vintage Art Deco Lamp Lady Nymph Laying Down Lamp Body Bronze with shade

Bronze base weighs 4# 5 oz. Approximately 11 long and 6 inches tall. Shade is 9 1/4 tall with no chips or cracks. The item “Vintage Art Deco Lamp Lady...