09th Sep 2020

Beautiful Two Tone Art Deco Oak Wooden Desk Table Lamp Base Geometric Vintage

Here we have a beautiful wooden Art Deco table lamp. Either way it’s a wonderfully crafted piece showing fabulous grains in the wood, I really love the two tones too...

09th Sep 2020

Industrial Table Lamp Large & Unique Chrome Art Deco Fire Extinguisher Upcycled

This is a Rare and One off Unique piece of lighting. This great looking table or desk lamp is made from a chromed Art Deco period Fire Extinguisher heavy duty...

09th Sep 2020

Art Deco Style Nude Woman Lamp, by Sasparilla Deco Design, 1981

Art Deco Style Nude Woman Lamp, by: Sasparilla Deco Design, 1981. Translucent Bathing Beauty Glass Figurine on a plastic base. Very pretty and elegant design. Sizes: 6 3/4″ x 3...